76% Of Businesses Do Not Understand What PR Is: pr2go

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The owner of pr2go, the online PR business has criticised practitioners for failing to communicate what the discipline entailed after discovering that 76 per cent of businesses didn’t understand what public relations was. James Hobday, CEO of pr2go, said that the statistics had come to light as part of ongoing marketing activity for the business…. Read more »

“Don’t think of social media as a marketing channel”: Scaling Social Media « Webtrends

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via blog.webtrends.com Excellent comments from Justin Kistner at Webtrends: “Having started by building social media programs with systems that I rolled myself to building out a global social media program for Webtrends; I can say that a big realization has emerged from what Jeremiah and Tony have been talking about. Businesses need to think about… Read more »

PR’s love affair with press releases (part 94)

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Don’t let traffic numbers and search results give you a false sense of security about the success of your PR program. If you can’t tie it to a specific business result, you’re just wasting your precious PR dollars. via newsvetter.com Amen. Posted via web from Andrew’s posterous

Get Shorty – The Elevator Pitch is Dead | Integrated Marketing and Media | Social Media Consulting – Convince & Convert

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Understand that the Elevator Pitch is Dead. You remember the elevator pitch. The notion that you should be able to describe what your company does in the length of time consumed by the average elevator ride. I’m here to tell you, that’s way too long these days. Elevator rides seem interminable. Instead, I humbly suggest… Read more »