What Google’s offline media services mean for the future of PR and advertising

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Perhaps it isn’t surprising that Google’s offline TV. radio and print ad services don’t get much attention in Europe (they aren’t available here yet). However, it surely can’t be long before we do get them – and I don’t doubt that they will have the potential to further disrupt the media services landscape. If you… Read more »

Why you should read Antony Mayfield’s e-book Brands In Networks

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First, my thanks to Mr Stephen Waddington for flagging Antony Mayfield’s e-book, Brands In Networks. As Wadds says “publishers, journalists, PRs and marketing professionals that are looking for a pragmatic analysis of the fragmentation of the media industry should download the 50-page eBook immediately.” I agree. The book covers a huge amount of ground –… Read more »

LinkedIn adds application support for WordPress, Huddle.net. Slideshare and more

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Another day, and more enhancements to LinkedIn. Not content with recently beefing up Group functionality, today sees the introduction of “featured applications”, a raft of 3rd party apps that now offer varying degrees of integration with LinkedIn. Here’s the list as per LinkedIn’s announcement e-mail this morning: Google Docs on LinkedIn: Embed a presentation on… Read more »

UK PR job searches increase 22pc in September 2008?

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According to Google’s Keyword tool, the volume of UK searches on the term “pr jobs” hit 201,000 in September. That’s a 22pc increase on the historical 12 month average of 165,000. Is it a case of people returning from holiday and determined to find a new job? Or are PR employees making sure they cover… Read more »