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Another day, and more enhancements to LinkedIn. Not content with recently beefing up Group functionality, today sees the introduction of “featured applications”, a raft of 3rd party apps that now offer varying degrees of integration with LinkedIn. Here’s the list as per LinkedIn’s announcement e-mail this morning:
Google Docs on LinkedIn: Embed a presentation on your profile.
SlideShare on LinkedIn: Share, view and comment on presentations from your network.
WordPress on LinkedIn: Promote your blog and latest posts.
Box on LinkedIn: Share files and collaborate with your network.
Huddle on LinkedIn: Private workspaces to collaborate with your network on projects.
Amazon on LinkedIn: Discover what your network is reading.
TripIt on LinkedIn: See where your network is traveling.
SixApart on LinkedIn: Stay up to date with your network’s latest blog posts.
Company Buzz by LinkedIn: See what people are saying about your company.

Haven’t had a chance to play with all of them yet (except WordPress and Huddle – and both work), but you can see the logic of why much of this will appeal. I know some may fear that LinkedIn profile pages will begin to turn into a Facebook-style dog’s dinner – but on first inspection, this looks like another beneficial move for LinkedIn users.


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