Most PR people believe print coverage is more valuable than online: an exercise in cognitive dissonance?

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Gordon Macmillan at Brand Republic reports on a new survey which claims that “most PR professionals still favour offline media coverage over digital despite recent consumer research identifying online as the more influential medium.” He continues: “More than half, or 53%, see it as more valuable, but the real story is that it’s their clients… Read more »

Why you should question any tech B-to-B PR campaign that emphasises print over online

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A very instructive interview with IDG founder Pat McGovern in today’s Guardian – with some unavoidable conclusions for the tech PR sector. McGovern hasn’t built a $3bn empire by getting things too wrong – so worth listening to his views on the future of B-to-B publishing (he says all B-to-B publishing will be online in… Read more »

An open source model for PR?

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For a number of years, I ran the UK PR account for MySQL, the ubiquitous open source database (and recently acquired by Sun for $1bn). In that time, I got to know some very bright people there (not least the inestimable Marten Mickos, MySQL’s CEO), as well as getting first hand insight into an innovative… Read more »

Why journalists ignore most press releases. And why they will continue to do so.

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Press releases suck says Sally Whittle. She lists five reasons why most press releases get deleted: 1. Your sentences are too long 2. Your client descriptors make no sense. 3. Your quotes come from robots. 4. Jargon, jargon, jargon. 5. You sent it to the wrong people. Read Sally’s post for the detail behind each… Read more »

How many PR companies have a data governance strategy?

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I recently claimed that one of the curious paradoxes of PR companies working in the technology sector is that while they pump out information on behalf of their clients regarding best IT practice, etc, the number of agencies with a robust and properly documented data management strategy is rare. Mr Waddington at Rainier pulled me… Read more »