79 out of 100 top UK PR companies don’t offer online PR services: Bigmouthmedia

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I’ve just come across a recent survey from Bigmouthmedia that claims that 79 out of the 100 top UK PR companies don’t offer online PR services. They also say that only 14% of the operations that claimed to have new media covered published their own blogs. And that taken as a whole, only 11% of… Read more »

Why journalists ignore most press releases. And why they will continue to do so.

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Press releases suck says Sally Whittle. She lists five reasons why most press releases get deleted: 1. Your sentences are too long 2. Your client descriptors make no sense. 3. Your quotes come from robots. 4. Jargon, jargon, jargon. 5. You sent it to the wrong people. Read Sally’s post for the detail behind each… Read more »