Recycled Friday: Is £2.5 billion really spent on press releases in the UK?

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I was inspired by the following comment from @adcontrarian in his latest blog post: Because I am a lazy bastard and the thought of writing five posts a week is a constant source of terror, I have decided to introduce a new policy around here. From now on, on Fridays,  I’m going to recycle old… Read more »

The Economist confirms: “Blogging is useful and versatile”.

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From The Economist, November 8th 2008 regarding blogging (Oh, Grow Up): “Gone, in other words, is any sense that blogging as a technology is revolutionary, subversive or otherwise exalted, and this upsets some of its pioneers. Confirmed, however, is the idea that blogging is useful and versatile. In essence, it is a straightforward content-management system… Read more »

How freelance journalists and writers can use Google’s Keyword Tool to get work

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I’ve already blogged about Google’s Keyword Tool now displaying absolute search volumes. I thought it would be worth looking at a practical example. I keep hearing from various freelance journalist and writer friends that it is tough finding commissions these days – not just journalistic work but also PR and general copywriting. It occurred to… Read more »

“Online journalism is about more than just writing”: Chris Green, Editor, IT Pro

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IT Pro Editor Chris Green has written a very good post regarding the changing nature of online journalism. (In tune with the zeitgeist, he says he was prompted to write the piece after he made a Twitter comment about his traffic/contributor analysis – and I and others asked him for more detail). Specifically, he highlights… Read more »

Predict the future with Web Of Fate

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My thanks to Mashable for the tip on a new site called Web Of Fate: 20-word Description: Web of Fate is a semantic analysis engine that extracts meaning from historical, present and future events and draws connections among them. CEO’s Pitch: The Web of Fate semantic analysis engine can visualize and uncover hidden relationships among… Read more »