Journalists using LinkedIn profiles to “vet” interviewees?

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As I noted in my recent Online PR whitepaper, there are some novel digital twists occurring within traditional media relations. Take the good old journalist interview. In the past, a journalist would probably have to take at face value a bio provided by the PR person of a prospective interviewee.  On LinkedIn, although the background… Read more »

Where are the PR Numerati? (Is Stephen Baker reading this?)

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Have just finished reading senior Business Week writer Stephen Baker’s book, The Numerati. A great read – and worthy of several blog posts rather than just one. However, this quick precis (and experiment) will have to suffice for the moment. The underlying premise of the book is that a combination of maths, monumental data gathering,… Read more »

Dan Roam and the 21st century feedback loop

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How’s this for a piece of zeitgeist? I posted yesterday about Dan Roam’s book The Back of the Napkin. Overnight, he picks up a Google Alert about my blog post and in turn, comments – and posts a very nice response in return. Might need to look at updating my sketch to map the ongoing… Read more »

Dan Roam’s “Back of a Napkin” approach to visual thinking (and how I bought the book).

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Dan Roam’s “The Back of the Napkin” book about visual thinking is a novel approach to problem solving (and deserves a blog post all of its own) Informative blog too. However, I thought it worth examining how I went from not knowing a thing about Dan Roam at midday on Saturday, to understanding a lot… Read more »

Why you should question any tech B-to-B PR campaign that emphasises print over online

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A very instructive interview with IDG founder Pat McGovern in today’s Guardian – with some unavoidable conclusions for the tech PR sector. McGovern hasn’t built a $3bn empire by getting things too wrong – so worth listening to his views on the future of B-to-B publishing (he says all B-to-B publishing will be online in… Read more »