More tips on supercharging your PR efforts with Twitter (a case study in open source PR)

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Stephen Davies at PR Blogger is turning into a one man Twitter PR resource at the moment. And perhaps providing a useful case study in open source PR. Last Friday, he posted his initial list of UK journalists on Twitter – thus sparking a healthy dose of comments from both PRs and hacks. Including some… Read more »

6 reasons to supercharge your PR efforts with Twitter

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Stephen Davies has posted a great list of prominent UK journalists who are on Twitter. As he says: “Twitter isn’t something that immediately strikes you as anything good and explaining the benefits of it to someone who has never heard of it – particularly a pressed for time PR person – can be quite difficult.”… Read more »

Which Twitter personality type are you?

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An absolutely fabulous post by Pete Blackshaw over at ClickZ on the different personality types emerging in Twitterland. He uses the device of imagining what Niccolò Machiavelli would think of today’s Twitters. For example: FlackSmackers. These are journalists or high-reach bloggers who use Twitter to publicly complain — nay, groan — about lame PR or… Read more »

Twistori: another time sink

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My thanks or otherwise to Mr Pinsent for pointing me at Twistori. As Mark says, strangely compelling. And before you know it, you’ve spent 30 mins just staring at the screen – needs to come with a health warning methinks. After taking in half an hour, there was a slight dizziness, which at first frightened,… Read more »