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Is your Twitter Home Page your biggest SEO asset?

Do you know the Page Rank of your Twitter Home Page? You may be surprised to find it is a lot higher than you think it is – and you probably achieved it without even thinking about it.

For example, the Page Rank for my blog home page is 5 – and that’s taken a little while to get to, not withstanding the blood, sweat and tears of creating and maintaining content. In the course of some client work recently, I happened to plug in some Twitter Home Pages to check Page Rank – given they were created relatively recently, I was surprised by how high the Page Rank values were. And then I checked my Twitter Home Page PR value. Turned out to be 5. I then started looking at a few other people’s Twitter Home Page Ranks. For example, my chum Stephen Waddington of Speed Communications, who has a very respectable Page Rank of 6.

In which case, it is worth paying some attention to what you choose to link to from your Twitter Home Page profile – you may have one of the best backlinks available to you right in front of your nose.

7 replies on “Is your Twitter Home Page your biggest SEO asset?”

Yes, Page rank for my Twitter home is 5 few days back but now it is back to 3.
I found that Page Rank for twitter is not stable for long time…don’t know the reason but i feel so.

Thanks for sharing information..

Ashish Sharma

@Free Classifieds – I knew it was too good to be true – thanks for pointing out the no follow attribute – schoolboy error on my part. But that’s why I love the Internet

I have (atonishingly) a PR9 Twitter page, but as @Free says, that does me little good on both counts (see this article on why pagerank does/doesn’t matter.)

But it’s worth pointing out further that Google’s attitude towards nofollow is endlessly in question:

– does it prevent its spiders from following?
– does it let them follow, but not calculate inherited PR?
– does it ignore in some specific cases?

SEOs are wildly voodoo about all this; one argument I hear brought up a lot is “well, Wikipedia is nofollow, but get an external link into Wikipedia, and your ranking improves dramatically.”

This may be one of the reasons that both @SEO and @Free both left (intelligent) comments despite the “nofollow” instructions to the spiders on the links.

I am not an SEO (although I do have the SEOQuake plugin set to show nofollow =)

Mat – I think you have a PR6 rather than a PR9 page – but yes, how Google really does treat “no follow” is subject to rather endless debate.

Page rank is a quick and dirty indicator and you probably get more use out of qualitatively assessing your followers rather than trying to quantify your page rank.

Twitter pages are often linked with a person’s blog or web page and a useful way of gaining an indication of your combined twitter and blog/web success would be to install a Google Analytics code and Statcounter code. Then direct people to your blog using Twitter and evaluate the level of commitment.

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