How much is BP really paying for those “oil spill” PPC ads?

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BP ‘manipulating search results’ on Google following oil spill – so said The Times today. The piece quoted Maureen Mackey, a writer on the Fiscal Times as saying: “What it effectively does is that it bumps down other legitimate news and opinion pieces that are addressing the spill… and [BP are] paying big money for… Read more »

Exclusive! Daily Mail actively using “prying” technology to influence reader behaviour

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Visitors to the Daily Mail website are having personal information about themselves captured for the purpose of influencing their behaviour to purchase goods and services, we can exclusively reveal. The Mail also admits that it will use information gathered on individuals to “deal with” comments made on the site. Extensive research carried out by a… Read more »

Do the public think PRs are liars?

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Roy Greenslade at The Guardian has picked up on a new survey that looks at public attitudes to PR: According to a study by Ciao Surveys, 60.3% of people in Britain believe that PR officers often lie, while only 3.3% are convinced of the opposite. Additionally, only 17.9% of the respondents think public relations have… Read more »

“The digital revolution is over”: Nicholas Negroponte in 1998

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Douglas Adams once described Nicholas Negroponte as someone who: “writes about the future with the authority of someone who has spent a great deal of time there.” After re-reading his 1995 classic Being Digital and collected Wired magazine columns, I think that is a very valid description. Being Digital is best remembered for his distinction… Read more »

Tony Blair’s Information Diet

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Looks like Tony Blair was an early adherent of Tim “4-Hour Work Week” Ferriss’ Information Diet – at least if this PR Week story is to be believed. According to David Hill, Blair’s former communications director from 2003 to 2007 (and now a director at Bell Pottinger)” ‘His attitude was always that he had people… Read more »