More tips on supercharging your PR efforts with Twitter (a case study in open source PR)

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Stephen Davies at PR Blogger is turning into a one man Twitter PR resource at the moment. And perhaps providing a useful case study in open source PR. Last Friday, he posted his initial list of UK journalists on Twitter – thus sparking a healthy dose of comments from both PRs and hacks. Including some… Read more »

Most PR people believe print coverage is more valuable than online: an exercise in cognitive dissonance?

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Gordon Macmillan at Brand Republic reports on a new survey which claims that “most PR professionals still favour offline media coverage over digital despite recent consumer research identifying online as the more influential medium.” He continues: “More than half, or 53%, see it as more valuable, but the real story is that it’s their clients… Read more »

Why Search Marketing Is Eating PR’s lunch

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Ask any traditional PR company – large or small – whether they consider £300K per annum as a sizeable PR account and I don’t think you’ll find anyone who’ll disagree with you. What about £300K a month? There probably isn’t a PR account in the country that would come close to this kind of spend…. Read more »

What is your attitude to marketing investment risk?

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One of the first questions a financial advisor will ask you is: “what is your attitude to investment risk?”. Whatever response you give – cautious, moderate, high – should determine the financial products the IFA recommends to you. Broadly speaking, the higher the potential return, the higher the risk (profit is the reward for risk)…. Read more »

An open source model for PR?

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For a number of years, I ran the UK PR account for MySQL, the ubiquitous open source database (and recently acquired by Sun for $1bn). In that time, I got to know some very bright people there (not least the inestimable Marten Mickos, MySQL’s CEO), as well as getting first hand insight into an innovative… Read more »

Do the public think PRs are liars?

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Roy Greenslade at The Guardian has picked up on a new survey that looks at public attitudes to PR: According to a study by Ciao Surveys, 60.3% of people in Britain believe that PR officers often lie, while only 3.3% are convinced of the opposite. Additionally, only 17.9% of the respondents think public relations have… Read more »