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The David Mery story – front page of today’s Guardian,16132,1575532,00.html

Myself and few others have been aware of what happened to David at the end of July. I realise he had concerns about sharing his story, but I’m glad that Will Watts and I persuaded him to do it.

Getting the front page exceeded even our expectations.

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PR – North Korean style

Web site of the week has to be NK News –

Many examples of how to put a positive spin on everything. For example, the country is suffering from chronic electricity shortages. What is to blame? An inefficient centrally-planned economy? Diverting a huge portion of the GDP to the military? Absolute refusal to open the country to foreign trade and capital, along with infusions of technology and ideas?

Oh no. “It is entirely attributable to the moves of the U.S.-led imperialist allied forces to stifle the DPRK.”

The random insult generator (example above) is a joy. “You sycophantic
hooligan!” had a stange, paradoxical charm about it.

More explanation below (from the site itself).

NK News is a searchable database of North Korean propaganda. This site
contains nearly every article published on the KCNA’s website, in English
and Spanish, since Dec 2, 1996–over 50 MB of hard-core Stalinist
propaganda! And each article written in that unique and indelible style of
the KCNA.

Need help getting started? There’s a list of suggested searches to offer
you some ideas. Also, don’t forget to visit the Hall of Fame, a shrine to
some all-time KCNA classics.

Feeling a bit full of yourself lately? Try lowering your ego with the
Random Insult Generator. Then there’s the all-important Gregorian-Juche
Era conversion tool, to help you manage your busy calendar.

To find out more about this site, read the NK News Mission Statement, as
well as the FAQ and site backgrounder. And finally, don’t forget to sign
in at the guestbook.

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Back to normal in Shepherd’s Bush

The cordon was lifted last night so we are back in the office. Some pix below of the scene in Shepherd’s Bush last Thursday afternoon.


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Autonomous PR Collective event – a good time was had by all.

Last Wednesday night saw the first gathering of the Autonomous PR Collective at the Clachan Pub in Kingly Street, SoHo, London – myself and a some other like-minded PRs decided to throw our own press party – as we said in our invitation, with the aim of “the furtherance of a redistribution of privately held vittles and sustenance to the oppressed members of the journalist class.”

By all accounts, we certainly did help the oppressed journalist classes throw off the chains of sobriety.

Indeed, most people asked us when we were going to hold the next one. Current thinking suggests we try and hold a Xmas bash.

As Rupert Goodwins reports here –,39020505,39209422-3,00.htm
– a small revolutionary vanguard continued the guerrilla battle at a notorious late night drinking den, the Troy Club. Unfortunately, I had departed before an “altercation” developed, which is related to Rupert’s trouser reference.

I’ll leave Rupert to elucidate further on this matter if he so chooses – and so long as it supports the on-going revolutionary struggle.

An Autonomous PR Collective will host a Press Party on Weds, July 13th,
2005 – 6.30pm till late – Upstairs at The Clachan, 34 Kingly St, London,

We, the undersigned, this day declare the creation of a NEW revolutionary
social construct, the Autonomous PR Collective, for the furtherance of a
redistribution of privately held vittles and sustenance to the oppressed
members of the journalist class.

The founding members of the Autonomous PR Collective – AKA Jane Lee
(Dexterity), Maxine Ambrose (Ambrose Communications), Teresa Horscroft
(Eureka Communications), Jane Folwell (Folwell PR), and Andrew Smith
(Object Marketing) – call upon YOU to throw off the chains of wage slavery
and to attend the unveiling of our PARTY Manifesto.

Set free your desire to consume BEER and WINE and FOOD. The Autonomous PR
Collective is providing the economic infrastructure to allow you to claim
your right to untrammelled enjoyment and social discourse of a kind never
before seen.

Journalists of the world unite – you only have your sobriety to lose.

Translation: A very nice bunch of independent PRs invite you to join them
for a pleasant evening of food, drink, and chat – and most importantly,

Upstairs at The Clachan, 34 Kingly Street, London on Weds, July 13th, 2005

No clients. No hard sell. We’re paying. Go on, you might enjoy it.

Indicate your intention to join the cause. Please send a communiqué (RSVP)
to Andrew Smith, Object Marketing, – 020 8762