Recycled Friday: Is £2.5 billion really spent on press releases in the UK?

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I was inspired by the following comment from @adcontrarian in his latest blog post: Because I am a lazy bastard and the thought of writing five posts a week is a constant source of terror, I have decided to introduce a new policy around here. From now on, on Fridays,  I’m going to recycle old… Read more »

How U2 producer Brian Eno solves the paradox of choice (lessons for online PR)

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A recent Daily Telegraph interview with legendary music producer Brian Eno contained an instructive quote about dealing with too many choices: “In modern recording one of the biggest problems is that you’re in a world of endless possibilities. So I try to close down possibilities early on. I limit choices. I confine people to a… Read more »

Is the end nigh for Pandora and Internet radio?

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Depressing news via Alan Patrick at the Broadstuff blog that pioneer Internet music discovery service Pandora may be on the verge of folding. As Alan says, “it’s a real pity if this happens.” Sadly, the odds for Pandora’s survival don’t look good. And judging by the comments of founder Tim Westergren in the Washington Post,… Read more »

Anywhere FM – iTunes Playlist radio

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Another day, another social music tool. Anywhere FM allows you to upload your own iTunes library online – so you can listen to your own music library anywhere via a broadband connection. It also has a very slick iTunes-esque interface. And the novel social music twist is that you can listen to other people’s music… Read more »

Pandora, and Facebook in 3 way mash up

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I’ve written before about PandoraFM which allows you to "scrobble" your Pandora tracks to your profile. Now there is a new Facebook app, What I’m Listening To, which displays your current playlist on your Facebook profile. So now your Pandora music "audit trail" is displayed on Facebook via I’m not so much… Read more »

LastFM sold to CBS for £140m

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As reported here by the BBC. An inevitable move I guess – LastFM has clearly been courted by numerous media companies for some time. There have been the odd cries of "sell out" from some LastFM users – but most seem to be giving this a cautious welcome – on the basis that CBS merely… Read more »

Apple and EMI announce deal on DRM-free music

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Apple has announced a deal with EM! that presumably is the beginning of the end for DRM. Steve Jobs quoted elsewhere as saying he expects over half of the total iTunes catalog to be DRM free by the end of the year. From May, you’ll be able to get high quality tracks (256K encoding) from… Read more »

Why I like LastFM – 3 cheers for Sp33cylad

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Now and again, LastFM introduces you to a band or artist you would never, ever have come across by any other means – I’ve very much enjoyed the track Friends Reunited from Sp33cylad – get thee to here for a free download of the track.

PandoraFM – great example of useful Web 2.0 mash up

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I’m a big fan of the big two music discovery services – Pandora and LastFM. I like each one for different reasons – Pandora serves music to you based on the way its in-house musos categorise each track. LastFM works on analysing what music you play and tag. I’ve tended to favour Pandora until recently,… Read more »