Pandora – best music website?

If you are into music and and you haven’t yet had a look at Pandora, I heartily suggest you do.

It is a simple concept – you type in a favourite song or band, and Pandora finds similiar music for you to listen to. You tell it which stuff you like and what you don’t – so it learns as it goes along the sort of thing you might want to listen to. And it certainly throws up some good new music that I would never have found.

Couple this with neat integration with iTunes and Amazon if you want to buy things, and some fine use of RSS for sharing your tastes with others, and you have a very, very useful site.

I’ve added a Pandora widget to this blog – I recommend you take a look at this as soon as possible.

Music People

Richard Ashcroft’s Keyboard Player

One time Object Marketing colleague Rico Petrillo dropped by the office this afternoon – taking a quick break from his recent busy schedule as keyboard player in Richard Ashcroft’s backing band. We’ve had fun playing spot Rico on the TV over the last few weeks, as he keeps popping up everywhere – Jonathan Ross Show, Top of the Pops, VH2 to name a few.

Rico is of Swiss Italian descent – and he made his dad happy when he was interviewed on national TV in Italy a few weeks ago. Apparently Richard Ashcroft pointed out that Rico’s Italian was much better than his, so he had to do all the talking.

RIchard Ashcroft and band are off to the US next month apparently, supporting Coldplay. We told Rico to remember us back in Shepherd’s Bush when he steps out on the stage of all those mega-stadiums.