Recycled Friday: Is £2.5 billion really spent on press releases in the UK?

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I was inspired by the following comment from @adcontrarian in his latest blog post: Because I am a lazy bastard and the thought of writing five posts a week is a constant source of terror, I have decided to introduce a new policy around here. From now on, on Fridays,  I’m going to recycle old… Read more »

ITV calls for ad-skip speed limit on Freeview PVR

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Link: ITV calls for ad-skip speed limit on Freeview PVR – BR Bulletin – Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR news by Email – Brand Republic ITV is clearly in a bad way – and this really smacks of desperation: "ITV has insisted that Freeview Playback boxes should be able to fast-forward at a maximum of… Read more »

Telewest HDTV – growing pains

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As readers of this blog will know, we’ve had a Telewest TV Drive in the Smith household for a couple of months now. There is no question it has changed our TV viewing habits completely. Other than the news or, in my case, a live football match, we almost always watch things in time-shift mode…. Read more »

Telewest TV Drive – first look

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Took delivery this morning of our shiny new Telewest TV Drive. Clearly viewing habits in the Smith household are about to change forever. We had a very helpful Telewest engineer who gave us a quick 5 min demonstration of all the new features. I’d read a few reports that said the Telewest TV Drive would… Read more »