Talking to journalists is a waste of time: David Maister

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Professional services guru David Maister has a provocative post here regarding the value of talking to journalists (admittedly in the context of professional services firms). He says: "Experience has taught me that being quoted like this doesn’t really help promote my business or affect the likelihood of me getting hired….I think the marketing benefits of… Read more »

Did you get my press release?

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One of those questions that journalists have hated since the dawn of time – and still do. Depressing that the practice still seems to occur with such alarming regularity. A useful reminder here, courtesy of Strumpette, of the reasons why it was and is a bad idea to ask a journalist whether they got your… Read more »

Why I like LastFM – 3 cheers for Sp33cylad

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Now and again, LastFM introduces you to a band or artist you would never, ever have come across by any other means – I’ve very much enjoyed the track Friends Reunited from Sp33cylad – get thee to here for a free download of the track.

The most useful website – ever

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Someone just sent me a link to VideoJug – what a mine of useful information. See the current top 10 videos below – you get the idea How To Get Out Of A Car Without Showing Your Knickers How To Kiss Someone Passionately How To Tie A Tie – Full Windsor Knot How To Fold… Read more »

PandoraFM – great example of useful Web 2.0 mash up

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I’m a big fan of the big two music discovery services – Pandora and LastFM. I like each one for different reasons – Pandora serves music to you based on the way its in-house musos categorise each track. LastFM works on analysing what music you play and tag. I’ve tended to favour Pandora until recently,… Read more »

The economics of commodity PR

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While perusing Glyn Moody’s fine blog on all things open source, I chanced upon this little item. As Glyn says, "this insightful presentation by Brent Williams, a self-styled "(temporarily) Independent Equity Research Analyst" is unusual because it manages to combine a good understanding of the open source model and world with some grown-up economics." It… Read more »