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Like Mr Waddington at Rainier, I’m heading off for 2 weeks holiday – though France rather than Corfu. Will be disconnected from the t’Interweb for this time – so look forward to catching up with the world on Sept 8th. Have fun in the meantime – I know you will

Is the end nigh for Pandora and Internet radio?

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Depressing news via Alan Patrick at the Broadstuff blog that pioneer Internet music discovery service Pandora may be on the verge of folding. As Alan says, “it’s a real pity if this happens.” Sadly, the odds for Pandora’s survival don’t look good. And judging by the comments of founder Tim Westergren in the Washington Post,… Read more »

Most PR people believe print coverage is more valuable than online: an exercise in cognitive dissonance?

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Gordon Macmillan at Brand Republic reports on a new survey which claims that “most PR professionals still favour offline media coverage over digital despite recent consumer research identifying online as the more influential medium.” He continues: “More than half, or 53%, see it as more valuable, but the real story is that it’s their clients… Read more »