Twitter Generates $48 Million of Media Coverage in a Month – Advertising Age – Digital

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Twitter received almost 3 billion impressions — 2.73 billion, to be exact — in the past month, a time period that doesn’t even include the frenzied weeks in April in which Oprah and Ellen weighed in on the micro-blogging service. TV contributed to 57% of the PR value, newspapers 37% and magazines 5%. Incidentally, Fox… Read more »

Richard Edelman on NYT piece: Spinning The Web

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When I came into this business 32 years ago, my worst nightmare was to be presented as an empty-headed flack touting products without understanding, paid to drink with reporters in order to generate hits in the press. There are thousands of PR practitioners who work in an ethical and intelligent manner. This article missed the… Read more »

Why do we search for “marketing” 135,000 times per day in the UK? And where have all the click throughs gone?

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According to Google, we Brits enter the term marketing into our favourite search engine 134,466 times every day.  That translates to around 4.1 million times per month (curiously, by contrast, the term selling is searched for only 32,877 times per day – or just over 1 million times per month). The accepted wisdom is that… Read more »

Marketing Schizophrenia – Reinventing marketing – Blogs – Brand Republic

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via Good post from Alan Mitchell at Marketing magazine: “To reinvent marketing successfully, I believe we have to jettison marketing’s Persuasion Paradigm: the belief that marketing is ‘effective’ when it changes consumers’ attitudes and behaviours, and that this is what good marketing does. Persuasion isn’t marketing’s only paradigm. The other paradigm is alignment –… Read more »

Freeconomics Part IV – Freemium, or if you ain’t paying you ain’t the customer – broadstuff

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via “If you ain’t paying for it, you ain’t the customer”. Excellent post from Alan Patrick (aka Broadstuff) on Chris Anderson’s Freemium model. Great writing: “It was at this point that Mr Anderson revealed the Deus Ex Machina of this Freecosystem, the thing that actually keeps the wheels turning in this economic perpetual motion… Read more »