The David Mery story – front page of today’s Guardian

Posted by & filed under Current Affairs.,16132,1575532,00.html Myself and few others have been aware of what happened to David at the end of July. I realise he had concerns about sharing his story, but I’m glad that Will Watts and I persuaded him to do it. Getting the front page exceeded even our expectations.

How do freelance journalists make a living?

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Following a number of conversations in the last few weeks, a rather bleak picture appears to be emerging for freelance journalists writing about technology in the UK. The following is a summation of the consensus that appears to be emerging about the marketplace. – dwindling editorial commissioning budgets coupled with reduced editorial pagination As print… Read more »

Lewis PR – serious accusations on Spin Bunny

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I noticed that the Spin Bunny story about Lewis PR – – seems to have generated a firestorm of comments about how the company has and does treat its employees. Some of the allegations made by apparently former employees are very serious. I know people who have worked there, and I know it has… Read more »