Are you suffering from the endowment effect? (Marcom Pro)

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Stop sniggering at the back there. The title of this week’s Marcom Pro Round-Up has nothing to do with Viagra-related spam e-mails. The endowment effect was an expression coined by American economist Richard Thaler to describe our tendency to set a higher selling price on what we own (are endowed with) than what we would pay… Read more »

The decline of e-mail and the invitation avalanche

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(Apologies: I’ve been testing out Storify – and this should have autoposted originally – but didn’t. So here’s what you should have seen in the first place). 09/02/2011 Comscore and social media expert Jay Baer both point to the decline in e-mail usage, consumption and influence. According to Comscore, Web e-mail usage has declined 59%… Read more »