VNU’s non-toilet podcast studio

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A six-figure investment in the studio facility – that should buy a few professional microphones and tables and chairs.  Though rumour has it VNU’s journalists are getting a bit irked by the extra workload of producing podcasts with no additional renumeration……and the claim that VNU is the first European B2B publisher to have invested in… Read more »

Weber Shandwick’s Podcasting Toilet?

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A waggish reader at tech PR gossip site the The World’s Leading  has posted an amusing critique of a story in today’s PR Week about the new Weber Shandwick Podcast Studio. Having now read the original PR Week article, it does seem rather curious that an agency apparently kitting out a room the size of… Read more »

Telewest HDTV – growing pains

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As readers of this blog will know, we’ve had a Telewest TV Drive in the Smith household for a couple of months now. There is no question it has changed our TV viewing habits completely. Other than the news or, in my case, a live football match, we almost always watch things in time-shift mode…. Read more »