“The digital revolution is over”: Nicholas Negroponte in 1998

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Douglas Adams once described Nicholas Negroponte as someone who: “writes about the future with the authority of someone who has spent a great deal of time there.” After re-reading his 1995 classic Being Digital and collected Wired magazine columns, I think that is a very valid description. Being Digital is best remembered for his distinction… Read more »

Tony Blair’s Information Diet

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Looks like Tony Blair was an early adherent of Tim “4-Hour Work Week” Ferriss’ Information Diet – at least if this PR Week story is to be believed. According to David Hill, Blair’s former communications director from 2003 to 2007 (and now a director at Bell Pottinger)” ‘His attitude was always that he had people… Read more »

How many PR companies have a data governance strategy?

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I recently claimed that one of the curious paradoxes of PR companies working in the technology sector is that while they pump out information on behalf of their clients regarding best IT practice, etc, the number of agencies with a robust and properly documented data management strategy is rare. Mr Waddington at Rainier pulled me… Read more »