Kids book about computers from 1971 scanned and posted

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Thanks to Cory Doctorow for this How little things change – fashion has clearly gone full circle. The woman pictured here wouldn’t be out of place in Desperate Housewives. And the bloke is wearing one of my suits.

Dealing with US tech companies

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Spin Bunny ( makes reference to the fact that “there are obviously a lot of shit US clients out there winding up European agencies with their attempts to steamroller campaigns across this side of the pond.” A more diplomatic way of putting it is that there is definitely a tendency for US companies to want… Read more »

Fatherhood – got any advice?

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After all these years, the wife and I will be (all things being well) joining the ranks of parenthood in December. The 27th is the alleged date, though something tells me its either going to be the 25th or New Year’s Day. Blimey. Naturally we’re both excited and scared in equal measures. Now that we’ve… Read more »

Former colleagues – where are they now? Part One

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I realise FriendsReunited has a section to allow you to get in touch with former colleagues – however, its no use if they don’t actually sign up. It occurred to me that the blogosphere could be an alternative route to getting back in touch with people. (And yes, I know Google is the answer to… Read more »

£12K fee income per annum – the amount you need to bill to become a top 50 UK tech PR agency

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Note: this was previously posted at the Old Towers – however, this was one of the posts that led to me moving to Typepad ie lots of people wanted to comment to it but couldn’t – also interesting how widely discussion on this has circulated.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Some observations. Sarbanes Oxley continues to be used as a… Read more »

Challenges (and benefits) of a changing analyst market (and PR market)

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David Rossiter’s take on an early post at the Old Towers. Parallels can be drawn between the PR sector and the analyst sector ie a polarisation between really big firms and smaller, more focussed operators – the equivalent of the "individual" brand cited. Challenges (and benefits) of a changing analyst market      … Read more »

Andrew J. Wilson in town

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My very old chum (best man) Mr A.J Wilson is down in London for a few days. Good to see him again – and find out how recent fatherhood is treating him. He is deep in the throes of anthology editing and gearing up for WorldCon in Glasgow. For those interested, more info below.… Read more »

Leading a double blog life

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Welcome to the new alternative home for The View From Object Towers. Although I still intend to maintain my existing Bloglines home – – I’ve had too many people tell me I have to have trackbacks and comments. After casting around for advice from people who know much more about these things, I’ve plumped… Read more »