MySQL Used By Majority Of “AlwaysOn 100” Innovators

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Which must say something about the popularity of MySQL in Web 2.0 businesses. This week at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford University, Stanford, California, 100 private companies are being honoured for their technical innovation, customer adoption and market potential. It is no coincidence that the majority of these "Hot 100" start-ups are using the MySQL… Read more »

PR Business – RIP

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Link: Open (finds, minds, conversations)…: Sad footnote to PR Business saga. So. Farewell then, PR Business.Even moving from weeklyTo monthlyCouldn’t save you.

Jotspot – the instant Wiki has arrived

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I don’t know about other people, but keeping up with Web 2.0 applications is a full time job – you could easily spend your entire working day trying out and using things like Flickr, Writely, etc. However, something tells me JotSpot might be on to something. In short, its a free, Wiki creation and management… Read more »

CEO press tours

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Chris Edwards vents his spleen here about getting press invites to meet a CEO (or presumably any other senior exec), on the (apparent) basis that they just happen to be in town. Charles Arthur picks up the baton here.  As someone who has had to organise this kind of thing on many occasions in the… Read more »

Who won the Sark Sheep Race?

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Every Friday afternoon for the last 6 years, the Isle of Sark email newsletter (*) has dropped into my in-box. It occurred to me that this perhaps little known publication is worthy of more attention, especially as it has quietly pioneered good email design and podcasting for probably longer than many much larger operations and… Read more »

Tim Dyson and the $10,000 PR problem

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Tim Dyson reports on the uptick in demand for PR in Silicon Valley – the return of the $10K a month start up spender. As he points out, the catch is that start ups want experienced PRs working for them – and they typically want $15K worth of service value. On the first element, as… Read more »

VNU to chop 25pc of editorial staff?

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That’s according to tech PR gossip site World’s Leading – full post here: VNU Job Losses. Although there is no hard evidence at this point, it would come as no surprise if further cuts are to be made – it merely confirms  the general trend to remove staff editorial resource from the publishing equation. The… Read more »