One Response to “SEOmoz Blog | 10 Remarkably Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic”

  1. Fake Seo Buster

    There is nothing remarkable about this article by Randiass Fishskcum of seomozz.cum. You might as well call it “10 Remarkably effective strategies to have your website banned by Google”.

    The writer is a fake SEO expert wannabe writing idiotic articles to drum up business for his company.

    If you implement some of his voodoo traffic and link generating ideas you’ll actually have your website banned by Google and your page rank will go down the toilet.

    You’ll then be forced to go to this fake seo idiot and he will charge you $50,000 to fix the problem he created for you because you followed his deceptive moronic ideas.

    (By the way, there are unconfirmed rumors that this idiot is probably a closet pedophile and under an investigation)

    Google specifically advises you not to engage in any activity to artificially and deceptively influence your search engine ranking.

    If you want to know how to get valid links to your website, go to Google’s website and study their seo guidelines very well and implement them. Stop listening to crooked fake seo wanna be idiot like the writer of this moronic article.
    Fake Seo Buster (thirtythreedegrees)


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