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That’s according to tech PR gossip site World’s Leading – full post here: VNU Job Losses.

Although there is no hard evidence at this point, it would come as no surprise if further cuts are to be made – it merely confirms  the general trend to remove staff editorial resource from the publishing equation.

The claim is also made that VNU’s News Desk set up may make a return – if at first you don’t succeed, etc.

2 Responses to “VNU to chop 25pc of editorial staff?”

  1. Ian Betteridge

    It’s a vicious circle: ad revenues drop, so publishers look to cut staff, which lowers quality, which gives readers less reason to buy, which reduces sales, which drops your ad revenue. When will publishers learn…?

  2. Andrew Smith

    Indeed. Is it old fashioned to believe that people read a mag or view a website for the editorial content rather than the ads? Yet looking at investment and freelances rates, you’d think editorial was the least important aspect of the process….


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