DIY PR polls

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You may notice a new widget in the sidebar – namely a poll courtesy of Vizu. Thought I’d pick something anodyne just to test it out. On the surface, Vizu seems quite a neat concept – you can easily create online polls and get some basic analysis of the results such as by gender, geography,… Read more »

PR = Persuasion, not presentation

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In his PR Week column this week, Anthony Hilton takes a pop at “listen only” conference calls – where journalists and analysts are only allowed to hear what the company wants and not allowed “to interrupt, challenge, question or even express disbelief.” About as far away from the PR 2.0 concept of conversation as you… Read more »

UK PR industry dead in 10 years: PR Week

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OK – they didn’t actually say that – but the latest issue of PR Week contains a number of articles, which, taken together, paint a rather gloomy picture of the UK PR industry and its future. First up, a survey of junior PR folk, conducted in December 2006, showed that a "staggering" (PR Week’s own… Read more »

Crisis PR mode at Fujitsu over NHS IT

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You wouldn’t want to be Andrew Rollerson, head of Fujitsu’s Healthcare Consultancy Practice, today – he appears to be in hot water over remarks he allegedly made at a conference last week regarding the NHS’s National Programme for IT. (Latest – the Daily Telegraph has very helpfully published his presentation slides here. Nice use of… Read more »

Why PR Gets No Respect: Eric Dezenhall

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The ever excellent Strumpette has a guest piece from the self-styled US "pit bull of public relations," Eric Dezenhall, on why senior corporate managers have such a low opinion of PR. (Full article here.) I confess that I have never come across Mr Dezenhall before – but his views are frank and original to say… Read more »

Will Google Ad Words spell the death of PR?

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Tom Foremski posts on a recent conversation with ex-Sun PR man Andy Lark here. Readers may recollect Andy sparked some discussion last August with his question about what you ought to pay a PR agency. Clearly Andy did find an agency that satisified his criteria – the bad news for them now is that –… Read more »

Why is late payment endemic in the PR business?

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Our old chum the World’s Leading blogger has posted on how a certain PR agency has treated a freelancer regarding late paying of invoices. The comments thread is worth a read – aside from the specifics of this particular case, it does raise the general question as to why PR agencies are rubbish at paying… Read more »

Breakthrough ideas for 2007 – Harvard Business Review

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Some interesting pointers here. Not least this one: 20. The Folly of Accountabalism David Weinberger Accountability has gone horribly wrong. It has become “accountabalism,” a set of related beliefs and practices that bureaucratize morality and make us believe we can control our lives by adhering to specific rules. But grown-ups prefer clarity and realism to… Read more »