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Crisis PR mode at Fujitsu over NHS IT

You wouldn’t want to be Andrew Rollerson, head of Fujitsu’s Healthcare Consultancy Practice, today – he appears to be in hot water over remarks he allegedly made at a conference last week regarding the NHS’s National Programme for IT. (Latest – the Daily Telegraph has very helpfully published his presentation slides here. Nice use of pictures as opposed to the usual PowerPoint text bullet overkill – though some may question the use of female mudwrestlers to illustrate a point).

Fujitsu is one of the key IT contractors on the project – £896m to be precise to supply systems in the South of England.

Tony Collins at Computer Weekly is of course having a field day – full story here. With a further twisting of the knife here.

According to Collins: "Rollerson, who is responsible for the delivery
of Fujitsu’s healthcare professional services, said there was a
"gradual coming apart of what we are doing on the ground because we are
desperate to get something in and make it work, versus what the
programme really ought to be trying to achieve. The more pressure we come under, both as suppliers and on the
NHS side, the more we are reverting to a very sort of narrowly focused
IT-oriented behaviour. This is not a good sign for the programme."

The CW piece goes to quote Fujitsu’s official response: "We refute any inference that Fujitsu in any way questions the success of the National Programme."

I leave it to you to decide whether Rollerson’s alleged comments could be interpreted as casting doubt on the success of the project….

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UPDATE: Now Information Age have picked up  this  too.

FURTHER UPDATE: Duh – its all over the nationals too The Times is here, the Telegraph here, and the Daily Mail here.   

Something tells me this one isn’t going to lie down.

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