Intelligent versus brainless marketing

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Gerry Brown, a Senior Analyst with Bloor Research, has just posted his ‘view from the floor’ at the recent Technology For Marketing & Advertising show at London’s Earls Court. Ironies abound. A show devoted to cutting edge marketing developments was undermined in some quarters by silly attitudes: The behaviour of some exhibition stand personnel was… Read more »

Why PR companies act like 3rd rate direct marketing agencies

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Danny Bradbury has been having a problem getting PR companies to use his designated press release e-mail address. In many instances – and in spite of repeated polite requests – some PR firms continue to send press releases to the wrong e-mail address. As Danny says: “Some of these companies are well-intentioned, I’m sure. Judging… Read more »

Accenture and fungibility

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It is always a pleasure to come across an unfamiliar word amongst the usual sea of familiarity in marketing literature. In the current issue of The Economist, management consulting giant Accenture has paid to have a “special excerpt” included from Outlook, its “journal of high performance business”. Standing out amongst the usual suspect words like… Read more »

IT Week – James Murray interviews Hyperion CTO John Kopcke

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James Murray – IT Week – interview with Hyperion’s John Kopcke The trackback facility for stories on VNU’s website has set me thinking that this is another avenue yet to be fully explored (exploited?) by those of us working in the Web PR 2.0 world. In the past, once a story appeared, you had no… Read more »