My ZDNet blog

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is here. Looks like only the ZDNet staffers get to have their own pictures – so for the moment, you have to use pre-defined avatar icons. Like this one: Will be interesting to see how the ZDNet community develops following the recent revamp.

The hidden dangers of Skype voicemail

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Somebody left me a Skype voicemail last week – however, they didn’t close the call down properly – so their microphone carried on recording their conversation in the office – let’s just say that a few unflattering remarks about their own company and business partners were made that  I’m sure they  wouldn’t want repeating. So… Read more »

So, farewell then, Press Gazette

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After 41 years, the Press Gazette closed its doors on Friday. leaving journalism in the UK without a trade paper. Roy Greenslade of The Guardian has a good obituary here. Commiserations to all the journalists now without a job – especially Jon Slattery who has been there for 22 years (we crossed paths in around… Read more »

India – if its good enough for lawyers….

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… then as PR likes to see itself on a par with professional services of this kind, this piece from Computer Business Review adds more fuel to the fire. Read this: The global legal services market stands at some $260bn, and about $160bn of it is in the US, said Lexadigm president Puneet Mohey, citing… Read more »

I’d like to go to India…

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… as Big Star sang back in the 70s. (The India Song in case you were wondering which one) And a little discussion of India as it relates to PR has kicked off at TWL. But it was an item from Peter Kirwan’s must-read FullRun newsletter that bought my eye this morning (if you work in… Read more »