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… then as PR likes to see itself on a par with professional services of this kind, this piece from Computer Business Review adds more fuel to the fire.

Read this:

The global legal services market stands at some $260bn, and about
$160bn of it is in the US, said Lexadigm president Puneet Mohey, citing
recent figures from Forrester Research. Between 60% and 70% of this
work can technically be offshored, and 70% of this offshorable work is
likely to go to India, Mohey said. Forrester figures that 12,000 jobs were in India by 2004 and that number should grow to a whopping 79,000 positions by 2015.

India is the top destination due to its many English speakers, large
pool of attorneys graduating each year, and the similarity of its legal
system to the US model. Plus there’s the obvious cost advantage of
these offshore suppliers that often charge below $50 an hour for
services that US law firms will typically bill $150 an hour or higher.
Yet the legal outsourcing market is still young. It was only in the
hundreds of millions last year, Mohey said, and most of this went to
corporations’ captive shops offshore.

The paralells are not hard to find. If 70pc of legal work can be offshored, who says 70pc of PR work can’t be? Discuss.

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