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… as Big Star sang back in the 70s. (The India Song in case you were wondering which one)

And a little discussion of India as it relates to PR has kicked off at TWL.

But it was an item from Peter Kirwan’s must-read FullRun newsletter that bought my eye this morning (if you work in hi-tech PR and you haven’t already done so, pay up and subscribe – Peter’s writing and analysis are the prime example of you get what you pay for).

"In Amhmedabad, 300 miles north of Mumbai, for example, an offshoring company called Hi-Tech Export is currently offering a discounted rate of £189 for 40 hours of editing services. That’s £9,000 for a notional 48-week year, with overheads absorbed into what we presume to be a
still-handsome margin."

How long before the outsourcing of press release writing, release distribution, clippings analysis, etc is being done from India for similiar rates to these?

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