A question for Social Media Experts (and SEO experts). Do Tweets improve SERP rank?

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Does Tweeting having an impact on SERP results? Google has certainly indicated that “social signals” have an increasing role to play. However, hats off to Fresh Egg for actually conducting some tests to see whether this really was the case. You can read a full account of their experiments here. However, here is a thumbnail… Read more »

MarCom Professional is dead. Long live the CIPR Conversation.

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Since July 2009, I’ve been a regular contributor to the popular Marcom Professional site. Indeed, every fortnight, subscribers have been regaled with my peculiar thoughts on all things PR and marcom related via the Friday Round Up e-mail newsletter (every other week, the inimitable Mr Philip Sheldrake has done the honours). As of next Monday (April… Read more »