Twistori: another time sink

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My thanks or otherwise to Mr Pinsent for pointing me at Twistori. As Mark says, strangely compelling. And before you know it, you’ve spent 30 mins just staring at the screen – needs to come with a health warning methinks. After taking in half an hour, there was a slight dizziness, which at first frightened,… Read more »

An open source model for PR?

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For a number of years, I ran the UK PR account for MySQL, the ubiquitous open source database (and recently acquired by Sun for $1bn). In that time, I got to know some very bright people there (not least the inestimable Marten Mickos, MySQL’s CEO), as well as getting first hand insight into an innovative… Read more »

Do the public think PRs are liars?

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Roy Greenslade at The Guardian has picked up on a new survey that looks at public attitudes to PR: According to a study by Ciao Surveys, 60.3% of people in Britain believe that PR officers often lie, while only 3.3% are convinced of the opposite. Additionally, only 17.9% of the respondents think public relations have… Read more »

How to create a (free) powerful media monitoring and measurement system with Google Reader, RSS, Google Alerts and Blist

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Media monitoring is a staple part of PR life. You monitor target media to find out what things are being said about your organisation or client (good, neutral, bad) and you track whether your key messages are getting picked up (or not). Clearly there can be a lot more to it than this – but… Read more »