Wealth of information = poverty of attention

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As we get bombarded by Facebook alerts, e-mails and RSS feeds, I thought this quote from 1978 Nobel Prize winning scientist Herbert Simon was rather appropriate: "What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention, and a need to allocate that… Read more »

Jargon Watch – more plus ca change

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While we are on the subject of books that fell down the back of the filing cabinet, here’s another little pocket book from 10 years ago – Jargon Watch – a pocket dictionary for the jitterati. (Also available on Amazon for 1p.) The dot come era certainly proved a fertile period for neologisms (coinages) –… Read more »

Never Confuse A Memo With Reality

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During a recent office tidy up, I stumbled across a small book I’d bought about 14 years ago. It’s called Never Confuse A Memo With Reality (and according to Amazon you can pick up a copy for as little as 1p). It’s simply a series of pithy business aphorisms – and if anything exemplifies the… Read more »

How do you position a fridge? Common misuses of words in PR

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Over there. In the corner. Next to the deep freeze. Though not according to Firefly.They’ve just won a global brief to launch Korean electronics conglomerate LG’s new range of ‘chic’ touch-sensitive refrigerators. According to PR Week: "Firefly’s brief includes ­positioning these fridges as interior design elements rather than simple kitchen appliances. The range includes silver… Read more »

More on the disconnect between PR/marketing agencies and their potential customers

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Just stumbled across Rainmaker’s latest New Business Survey which reports on how U.S. marketing communications agencies should best engage with prospective clients for the purpose of winning new business. They polled opinion from 150 major US brand spenders, in respect of three areas where accurate insights are critical for effective new business activity. A series… Read more »

PR industry’s biggest punch up begins

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  Fight! Fight! Fight!  Amanda Chapel at Stumpette has issued an open (and very forthright) letter to the CEOs and Chief Execs of the top 50 PR agencies in the US and UK. Her question was: "Where are you?!! Listen… we had a Call to Action last week where we invited a number of you… Read more »

Facebook whales

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Apparently, Facebook employees refer to users with over 1000 friends as whales. After 2 months, I’m approaching the 200 mark, which presumably makes me a small porpoise. It’s worth considering that it took me nearly 3 years to get that number of contacts on LinkedIn. Of course, we aren’t comparing apples with apples here. My… Read more »

Pandora, last.fm and Facebook in 3 way mash up

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I’ve written before about PandoraFM which allows you to "scrobble" your Pandora tracks to your last.fm profile. Now there is a new Facebook app, What I’m Listening To, which displays your current last.fm playlist on your Facebook profile. So now your Pandora music "audit trail" is displayed on Facebook via last.fm. I’m not so much… Read more »