Accountancy and PR – professions with similar problems?

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The never ending wishlist « AccMan: Dennis Howlett tipped me off to this Rick Telburg survey, entitled Client Satisfaction: Make It ‘Priceless’. Although covering the accountancy sector, in many places you could simply insert the word PR and you’d have a pretty accurate client view of flackery. Some examples: “The responses indicate a general, if… Read more »

Press releases: still rubbish – but are they going to change any time soon?

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My thanks to Mr Waddington at Rainier for getting one of his interns to analyse Sourcewire’s press release output from June. The results showed that: "Out of 150 press releases, “best” appeared 68, times followed by “latest” recurring 29 times and “largest” 24 times. Descriptive words such as “biggest”, “fastest” and “hottest” weren’t far behind…. Read more »

Was Alistair Campbell a freelance gigolo?

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Asks Liz Hodgkinson. She apparently interviewed the then unknown student/teacher Alastair Campbell in his pre-Labour spin years and her piece was published by the Sun in May 1980. She claims that when Campbell’s biographer Peter Oborne tried to find the cutting, it had mysteriously disappeared from all records.  However, Liz kept a copy of her… Read more »

Socialstream – aggregated social networks from Google

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Social Networks: Google, Yahoo start from scratch – Valleywag Interesting Valleywag piece about Google sponsoring a project at Carnegie Mellon University, which, instead of serving as a social network itself, attempts to unify multiple networks. As VW says: “That’s a product that users, drowning in multiple logins and passwords, could badly use.” I could certainly… Read more »