Fat Smoker Principles: Build Relationship Plans Not Sales Plans

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davidmaister.com > Passion, People and Principles > Fat Smoker Principles: Build Relationship Plans Not Sales Plans. As ever, more good sense from Mr Maister. I like his distinction between illustrating and asserting – much like my example of "show" versus "tell" in connection with press releases. DM: Virtually every company I meet says they have… Read more »

Timothy Sprigge, 1932-2007

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Sad to hear of the demise of one of my philosophy lecturers from Edinburgh University, Timothy Sprigge. A link here to his poem, The History of Western Philosophy – all you need to know really. Legal Theory Blog: Timothy Sprigge, 1932-2007.

Using GoogleAds to drive traffic to PR news releases

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Tom Foremski has highlighted a new social media news release service* called PRXBuilder. Currently in beta (and free to use), it is intended to provide an easy means of creating and distributing rich media releases. However, the bit that caught my eye was an extra service called NewsAds – ie using Google AdWords to advertise… Read more »

Heisenberg’s Uncertaintly Principle and PR

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Excellent post on Strumpette from Ike Piggot – anyone who can use Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle as a metaphor for what’s happening in social media gets my vote:Outside observers kill communities in a hurry, regardless of the transparency of their motives. The only tolerated agenda is pure: thrash metal fans don’t want Mr. Labelpants from Arista… Read more »

Wot, no Facebook?

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Haven’t been able to log in to Facebook all day – perhaps I should be grateful. Then again, wouldn’t surprise me if their servers have melted with the ever spiralling number of new users being added daily.