Intelligent versus brainless marketing

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Gerry Brown, a Senior Analyst with Bloor Research, has just posted his ‘view from the floor’ at the recent Technology For Marketing & Advertising show at London’s Earls Court. Ironies abound. A show devoted to cutting edge marketing developments was undermined in some quarters by silly attitudes: The behaviour of some exhibition stand personnel was… Read more »

Measuring the ROI of a blog post (or the Law of Unexpected Consequence)

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The reaction to my post yesterday about Can Journalists Write Great Marketing Content has been interesting. It is by no means my most widely read post (my snippet on Mike Magee’s last hurrah for PR gets that honour – though that one clearly benefited from a Stumbleupon recommendation). It has however generated comments from the… Read more »

Why PR companies act like 3rd rate direct marketing agencies

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Danny Bradbury has been having a problem getting PR companies to use his designated press release e-mail address. In many instances – and in spite of repeated polite requests – some PR firms continue to send press releases to the wrong e-mail address. As Danny says: “Some of these companies are well-intentioned, I’m sure. Judging… Read more »

This blog on your mobile phone

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Following the tip from Mr Waddington at Rainier, I have now got a shiny mobile optimised version of this blog at Now you can enjoy these pearls of wisdom on the move – or something like that.

Guy Clapperton on the death of normal media

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Guy Clapperton is one of UK’s most prolific freelance business journalists. So I tend to pay attention to things he has to say (as do others – I gather over 300 people turned up on Wednesday to hear Guy along with Sally Whittle, Sally Morris, Chris Wheal, Lori Miles and Catherine Cooper at a Meet… Read more »

Weird themes inside the gold mine

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I like puns. They deserve more of an airing in the world of PR and marketing. In which case, as Copyblogger says, let’s hear it for the lowly pun. More good pun resources here and here. PS The title of this post? Jim Morrison’s blog when he migrates to WordPress.