PR – North Korean style

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Web site of the week has to be NK News – Many examples of how to put a positive spin on everything. For example, the country is suffering from chronic electricity shortages. What is to blame? An inefficient centrally-planned economy? Diverting a huge portion of the GDP to the military? Absolute refusal to open… Read more »

The kind of thing that makes PR worthwhile

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A worthy accolade for one of our long standing clients. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Andrew Smith Object Marketing Tel: (020) 8762 9292 E-mail: HYPERION ESSBASE NAMED AS TOP TEN TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION OF THE DECADE BY INFORMATION AGE MAGAZINE LONDON, UK – 16th August, 2005 – Hyperion Essbase has been named as one of the… Read more »

Blockbuster – what were they thinking?

Posted by & filed under Technology PR. This one really does make me wonder. Apparently Blockbuster has made a $57m (£31m) loss in the second quarter – mainly attributed to its decision to drop “late fees” for people failing to return videos on time. For those with a long memory, this will come as no surprise. In 1997, Wired magazine had… Read more »

Made In China –

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Remember the days when the phrase “Made in China” was synonymous with cheap and cheerful? Not anymore. The Friday flotation of Chinese search engine Baidu has brought back the dot com boom days to the Nasdaq. The stock more than quadrupled by the end of play Friday, instantly creating the most valuable Internet company in… Read more »

Google in PR own goal incident

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This really is a beauty – would seem that Google are refusing to talk to any reporter from CNET for a year – because they ran a story that contained personal information about CEO Eric Schmidt – which was gathered by using Google itself! The ironies aboud. And surely Google themselves must realise the PR… Read more »

Nova Scotia – the book

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My good chum Andrew J. Wilson has co-edited Nova Scotia, "an intriguing collection of stories, from a variety of established and up-and-coming writers, crossing all genres, with stories set in the past, present, future and parallel worlds. Some stories are very funny, some are moving, others are thought-provoking, but all of them, are a tribute… Read more »