Verity Stob at The Register!

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Delighted to see that Verity Stob has been hired to write for The Reg – look forward to more witty and humourous insights into the wacky world of computer programming. Verity Stob at the Reg

ZDNet goes for Sony’s jugular

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ZDNet on Sony One of the most fiercely worded leader columns I’ve seen in a long time from the IT trade press. The following sample gives a flavour: "These people (Sony) have demonstrated beyond doubt that they despise their customers. They have no concept of justice, of proportion, of individual rights. To let them help… Read more »

That Ray Ozzie Memo in full…

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To: Executive Staff and direct reports From: Ray Ozzie Date: October 28, 2005Subject: The Internet Services Disruption It is an exciting time, as we’re at the beginning of the biggest product cycle in the company’s history. In a week we ship new versions of Visual Studio, SQL Server and BizTalk Server. Later this month we… Read more »

Why we should take notice of Bill Gates internal memos

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This piece from Chris Nuttall in today’s FT caught my eye.,_i_rssPage=3ad4cbfc-4761-11d8-81c6-0820abe49a01.html Apparently Microsoft’s top executives have admitted in internal memos that the company has failed to achieve leadership in key technologies and that its business is at risk if it fails to respond “quickly and decisively” to changes in the market. Says Nuttall: “Bill… Read more »

Lack of opinions in opinion articles

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Mark Ballard of CRN has send round an amusing, but pertinent email with regard to submissions for the magazine’s Opinion column – he is bemoaning the fact that most of the pieces they receive really aren’t any use – mainly because they fail to have the one thing that would-be Opinion column authors  ought to… Read more »