Farewell UK tech PR and journalism – the debate

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My earlier post regarding the future of UK tech PR and journalism has certainly stoked up plenty of comment both here and over at TWL. I’ve just posted a comment at TWL’s place, but I thought I’d repeat it here – regular readers will note that I’m restating a number of things I’ve posted on… Read more »

Astronaut, not PR, number 2 choice of career for UK jobseekers

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It (sort of) says here. In fact, PR doesn’t appear anywhere in the list of 10 ten jobs. Running your own business is number one. Least favourite jobs were politicians, plumbers and dentistry. In addition, the Reed Employment sponsored survey found that: "despite the increased pressures upon companies to improve their brand image and act… Read more »

Farewell UK tech journalism and PR?

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I’ve been given a tip by a very reliable tech journalist source that a certain UK IT publishing house is showing signs it might be  considering upping sticks to the US. So what? The reason for concern on the part of my source is that they believe this has much wider implications both for the… Read more »

PR Week gives agencies a chance to defend themselves: you have until 4pm tomorrow

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PR Week’s Hannah Marriott  is writing a feature based on a survey the magazine commissioned into clientsÂ’ levels of satisfaction with their PR agencies. And apparently they unearthed some common complaints. According to Hannah’s Response Source enquiry (*): "The most common grumble was about lack of transparency in billing, with scores of respondents saying they… Read more »

The PR power of the Brodeur A Plus alumni

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Every year, former employees of my old PR shop Brodeur (A Plus) gather for a drink and a general catching up session. The 2007 event is due to be held in a few weeks time. Naturally, we have a Facebook group. Looking at the member list, I’m reminded what a tremendous training ground Brodeur was… Read more »

Facebook opens up with more RSS

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Dave Winer is getting excited about the increasing use of RSS feeds from within Facebook. As others have pointed out, these feeds have already been in place for a little while now. So what’s all the fuss? As far as I can tell, it’s yet another indicator of the portal like nature of Facebook. Let’s… Read more »

Self-facilitating media node

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That’s what my friend Fiona Campbell-Howes described me as on a recent Facebook wall post. She was referring to the the number of news links I post on my Facebook profile. It actually doesn’t take long to do – a combination of Google Reader and  the Firefox/Facebook share toolbar utility means you can find and… Read more »