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Front page piece from today’s PR Week which claims that: "PR agencies are flouting Wikipedia rules demanding they do not edit the site. At least six of the PRWeek top ten UK agencies have edited the site in the past year, according to WikiScanner, a new programme that tracks the IP addresses of computers editing the online encyclopaedia.

FD is the biggest offender, filing 25 edits, primarily concerning clients Russ DeLeon and Ruth Parasol – founders of the online gambling company PartyGaming."

I’ve always thought the blanket ban on PR agencies editing a bit draconian – surely there would be no issue for PR companies to do this providing it was done transparently ie their interest was declared and they could back up the rationale for the suggested changes.

Then again, its Wikipedia’s show – so if PR agencies knowingly flout its rules – and get caught – only themselves to blame.

Still – not just PR agencies doing this kind of thing – as this piece  shows, everyone from the BBC, the CIA and the office of the Australian Prime Minister are at it…..still, kudos to the BBC for running such a story and helpfully including a link to the Wikipedia Scanner.

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