TWL moves house

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TWL has a new home. Very shiny – comments currently unmoderated it would seem – though I’m sure that will change shortly.

UK Print Media “not dead” shocker: Peter Kirwan

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The latest issue of Peter Kirwan’s FullRun newsletter is bursting at the seams with good material. However, his piece on the audience breakdown of leading UK national newspaper websites really does have some big implications  for PR (sub required – so get one). The thrust of the argument is that the unique readerships of most… Read more »

Anywhere FM – iTunes Playlist radio

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Another day, another social music tool. Anywhere FM allows you to upload your own iTunes library online – so you can listen to your own music library anywhere via a broadband connection. It also has a very slick iTunes-esque interface. And the novel social music twist is that you can listen to other people’s music… Read more »

Scoble on the poverty of attention

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As per my earlier post, Robert Scoble has blogged about the same issue. "The problem is that so much is coming at us that we’re just not doing a good job of understanding it and dealing with it all."

Collaborative press release writing

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Having just installed the new Documents app on Facebook, I was reminded that this kind of collaborative doc sharing has been around for a while ie Google Docs. On the surface, you’d have thought it is the kind of thing that PR companies might make routine use of for drafting and approving releases. Perhaps they… Read more »

Getting it in the neck

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Maybe it’s because we are in the summer silly season, but a few people seem to be getting it the neck from the bloggerati over the last few days – here are the main targets: Sir Elton John – says we should close down the Internet for five years. Rory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director at… Read more »

The Economist Style Guide – online

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I’ve always had a copy of The Economist Style Guide close to hand –  of course, I can’t swear I’ve always abided by its rules – but it has been a valuable aid when people question why you’ve written something in a particular way. I should therefore have guessed it would be online – and… Read more »

Has the ad biz lost its lustre? Management Today

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Good piece by Alex Benady about the current state of the advertising industry in the latest issue of Management Today. The following excerpt makes for sobering reading – and not just for ad execs. It also doesn’t include any reference to Internet channels either: In 1980 there was just one commercial TV channel. By 1997… Read more »

Journalist uses Facebook for editorial contribution shocker

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Even if Saul Hansell isn’t going to use Facebook for PR purposes, some journalists clearly already are. Marc Brenner, Editor of The Research Magazine, has  been requesting editorial contributions via the title’s Facebook forum members. He refers to "a good slab of response" to this already – a possible pointer as to how Facebook can… Read more »