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Maybe it’s because we are in the summer silly season, but a few people seem to be getting it the neck from the bloggerati over the last few days – here are the main targets:

Sir Elton John – says we should close down the Internet for five years.

Rory Sutherland, Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy – for contributing a "state the bleedin’ obvious" puff piece to Precision Marketing.

ITPR, a tech PR agency – their "A Day In The Life" of an account exec piece appears to have unleashed a torrent of amusement and disbelief at TWL.

Happy days.

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  1. Andrew Smith

    Did TWL attack Chris? I know some of the comments weren’t exactly nice – but I don’t think TWL said anything nasty – and I thought Chris’s comment said it all:

    “Calm down dear, it’s just a blog post!”


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