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One of the curious things I’ve noticed over the last month or so is that my blog postings seem to be passed far and wide. In particular, references to former colleagues and friends in terms of what they are up to.

For the last few years, I’ve been involved in organising occasional gatherings of people who have worked for A Plus, Brodeur, etc in all its incarnations. In light of the above, I’d thought I’d post some info about the next proposed shindig – in the hope that it may help to ensure that as many people as possible from the great Brodeur A Plus diaspora are apprised of date and location.

With a company name change (Pleon), and another office move, Mike Copland is kindly hosting the next event.

According to Mike: "For those of us that go back far enough, it’s been five company names and now five offices. For a very few, it’s actually six offices or, in one case, seven.

The great thing this time (well, one of them) is that we’ve moved into the real (or unreal?) agency world of having a bar on the premises. Which seemed like a good reason to invite all the Aeberhard & Partners/ A Plus Group/ Brodeur A Plus/ Brodeur Worldwide/ Pleon UK alumni to join us here (address below) on WEDNESDAY 29th JUNE.  The bar will be open from 5.30pm onwards: and there’ll be a few nibbles too.  Plus we can even recall the old days of bar football in the office since that’s also available.

Hoping that lots of you can make it and that we’ll meet up then. For those who are further afield and can’t make it, at least you can think of us having a drink on the 29th. And Ted Lelekas, who gets married in Greece the following Saturday, is excused!

Can you let Liz W ( know if you can make it so we can be suitably prepared. And if you know of others not on the address list or have any email address changes please let us know.

And see you on the 29th.

Our new home is the red brick building right on the corner of Old Marylebone Road and Marylebone Road, by the traffic lights before the start of the elevated section at the end of Marylebone Road.


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