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Welcome to the new alternative home for The View From Object Towers. Although I still intend to maintain my existing Bloglines home – – I’ve had too many people tell me I have to have trackbacks and comments. After casting around for advice from people who know much more about these things, I’ve plumped for Typepad.

Over time, I presume all my current readers will migrate this way.

In the meantime, apologies for the Blog schizophrenia.

Hear from you all soon.

7 Responses to “Leading a double blog life”

  1. Rupert

    At last, a comment field.

    Where was I during the Scoble Group Geek Gobble (didn’t get a namecheck in your post but I just know you were thinking of me)? With a group of other IT hacks who’d been mysteriously invited — nobody knows why — to the Orange Award For Frilly Fiction do. So I missed the great 1999 revival, but got a picture of Kate Adie’s ankles.

    Also, Scoble turned up at the Thinkpad tablet launch the day before, where the journo:blogger ratio was a very manageable 10:1, and everyone spent all their time talking about Apple and Intel. Lenovo was very understanding.


  2. Martin McCallion


    From looking around the Bloglines site I get the impression that it’s really only meant to be an aggregator, so you were pushing it beyond its intended abilities by using it as a blogging tool. Which is no surprise: as a software developer I well know that, if you give people a tool, they will find a way to use it that you hadn’t thought of.

    Since people obviously can and do use it that way, though, it would make sense for them to add the missing features to it.

  3. Andrew Smith

    Thanks for the comments chaps. Feel like a grown up blogger now 😉

  4. Mary Branscombe

    Nice new look 😉 I’ve syndicated you on LJ as objecttowers (you had an _ before but LJ doesn’t expect syndication feeds to change). I’m still languishing with the horrid cold that kept me away from the Geekfest and the Harrods Portugese Fest and everything else for the last week. Urk.


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