UK PR, marketing and media jobs see big drop in June 2008

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Marketing, PR and media sector jobs registered the steepest decline in availability in June, according to online recruitment site Monster. However, “opportunities increased significantly in hospitality and tourism; and healthcare, social work whilst the arts, entertainment, sports, leisure sector surged year-on-year.”

Do PR agency directors earn less than £20 per hour?

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A bit of data extrapolation. Recent PR Week features say that the average PR agency director’s salary is £75,000 and senior agency folk work on average 59 hours a week. In which case, that means the average PR agency director earns around £26.50 per hour (this assumes they take 4 weeks holiday – which I… Read more »

Why you should question any tech B-to-B PR campaign that emphasises print over online

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A very instructive interview with IDG founder Pat McGovern in today’s Guardian – with some unavoidable conclusions for the tech PR sector. McGovern hasn’t built a $3bn empire by getting things too wrong – so worth listening to his views on the future of B-to-B publishing (he says all B-to-B publishing will be online in… Read more »

Predict the future with Web Of Fate

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My thanks to Mashable for the tip on a new site called Web Of Fate: 20-word Description: Web of Fate is a semantic analysis engine that extracts meaning from historical, present and future events and draws connections among them. CEO’s Pitch: The Web of Fate semantic analysis engine can visualize and uncover hidden relationships among… Read more »