IT jargon baffles business managers: IT Week

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The real surprise in this story from IT Week is not that 42 percent of respondents in an ATC sponsored survey thought IT staff used the most jargon – but that only 16 percent thought that lawyers were the most linguistically impenetrable part of the business. When lawyers appear to be shining examples of clear… Read more »

What reporters hate about PR people

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David Maister’s blog has this which gives US journalist Tommy Fernandez a good platform to give PR folk a good kicking. The following was my long comment to this piece: I should start by saying that these arguments about PR people are as old as the hills. But to take one specific point – is… Read more »

IT’s answer to Radio 4 Midweek: Information Age Live

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Information Age magazine is to launch what its describes as "the UK’s first monthly IT-in-business online magazine programme, Information Age Live!" Says IA: "The programme will be produced in the style of a radio broadcast – similar to Radio 4’s Midweek – real time news, analysis, interviews and panel discussion. You can pose questions –… Read more »

PRs don’t target BBC Click: Chris Long

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Last Bank Holiday Monday, I was up at BBC TV Centre with Chris Long, Producer for Click, the BBC’s flagship tech TV programme. We were doing some filming for a piece that will be out this coming weekend. I asked Chris how he fared with PRs these days – I’d imagined they’d be queueing at… Read more »

Pandora – best music website?

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If you are into music and and you haven’t yet had a look at Pandora, I heartily suggest you do. It is a simple concept – you type in a favourite song or band, and Pandora finds similiar music for you to listen to. You tell it which stuff you like and what you don’t… Read more »