Escherman to handle UK PR launch for Pogoplug consumer multimedia device: personal cloud computing for the masses

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[wpvideo GOJi2QuW] You know how PR folk are always “excited” and “delighted” when they win an account. Well, I can honestly say we are REALLY excited and delighted that we are handling the UK and European PR launch of the Pogoplug from Cloud Engines Inc. So what is the Pogoplug? For an immediate sense of… Read more »

Engagement – PR’s lost metric

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I was intrigued by a recent blog post from Tom Foremski where he “raised the possibility of PR agencies developing the ability to drive lots of traffic to specific news stories” and suggesting that this would constitute a PR firm’s “killer pitch”. I immediately thought of a superb piece by Ashley Friedlein at E-Consultancy (New… Read more »

Bloggers and journalists needed for annual Glide survey

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For the last few years, Glide Technologies (purveyors of the well known Online Press Centre product) have conducted an annual journalist survey to delve into the nitty gritty of what kind of information journalists want and how they want to receive it.  The Glide surveys have tended to stand out from other similar, run of… Read more »

Get Shorty – The Elevator Pitch is Dead | Integrated Marketing and Media | Social Media Consulting – Convince & Convert

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Understand that the Elevator Pitch is Dead. You remember the elevator pitch. The notion that you should be able to describe what your company does in the length of time consumed by the average elevator ride. I’m here to tell you, that’s way too long these days. Elevator rides seem interminable. Instead, I humbly suggest… Read more »