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Edelman CEO rocks out at Hard Rock Calling – Hyde Park

I had a great time at Hyde Park on Saturday watching The Pretenders, Neil Young, Fleet Foxes and Seasick Steve provide some barnstorming sets. As I enjoyed burning sunshine and overpriced beer and burgers, I couldn’t help wondering why I thought I knew the guy sitting/standing in front of us for most of the afternoon.  I had a nagging suspicion that he was something “big” in the PR world – but I felt a bit of an idiot asking him who he was, so I didn’t.

Anyhow – I have satisfied my curiosity – it was indeed Edelman UK CEO Robert Phillips (pictured below) who was joining the rest of us “men of a certain age” rocking out in civilised conditions.
So Robert – apologies – I was the guy with the hat behind you all afternoon with the quizzical look – small world, eh?

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